What Makes Share Financial Services, Inc. Different From Other Church Bond Firms?

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Share Financial Services, Inc. “Share” is a premier investment banking firm, founded and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in 1970. Share has successfully underwritten financing for over 1400 churches and nonprofit organizations and is widely known for high quality Church Bond underwritings in the Church financing industry. Church Bond issues underwritten by Share are different in many ways from those underwritten by many other Church Bond firms.

Because of our extensive experience in the Church financing business and our comprehensive due diligence investigation into the finances and background of each Church, we at Share are extremely qualified to bring to market the highest quality bond programs unequalled in the Church Bond industry. Each Church Bond offering that Share underwrites must meet thorough qualification standards designed to safeguard both our Church Financing clients as well as our bondholder’s investment. Financial Statements must be prepared by a Certified Public Accounting firm independent of the Church. Those Financial Statements must be in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which are a combination of a set of accounting standards and commonly accepted methods of recording and reporting accounting information. Appraisals are required on the property serving as collateral. Churches are required to obtain liability, title, property and casualty insurance on the Church facilities for the duration of the Church Bond issue. In most cases, members and friends of the Church are given an opportunity to invest in their Church Bond program.

These are just a few of the many standards required of each First Mortgage Church Bond issue prior to being underwritten by Share.