Seven Steps to Solving the Church Financing Puzzle Part II

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Step 4: Establishing the Proper Sequence of Events

Many churches have spent thousands of dollars for architectural plans only to discover that they are unable to qualify for Church Construction Financing. Share can assist churches by:

  • Scheduling each aspect of the project to maximize the use of church funds and to minimize wasted time and money.
  • Examining the qualifications of church contractors, legal and financial professionals to help assure that they are capable of doing it right the first time.
  • Navigating through the maze of federal, state, county and municipal regulatory requirements which may negatively affect your building project and drive up your construction costs. Among certain regulatory requirements are environmental issues, building codes or other local regulations.

Step 5: Understanding What It Takes to Qualify For a Church Loan

Churches can be a nonprofit in many ways because every dollar that comes in is spent. While this is great for ministries, it can be negatively affect a church’s ability to qualify for a Church Loan. Share assists churches by analyzing their ability to qualify for Church Financing by assessing certain financial strengths and weaknesses and developing an action plan to address the short- and long-term needs of the Ministry.

Step 6: Putting All the Pieces Together

Many churches only need limited assistance, while others require the full spectrum of Share’s financial services for churches. Share can offer a Church certain financial guidance from assessing a Ministry’s short and long-term financing needs to working with local planning departments all the way through to the church construction project completion.


Step 7: Choosing the Right Church Financing Partner

If your Church is ready to begin that construction, remodeling or relocation project, we at Share are ready to make that journey with you as painless and smooth as possible. Contact Martin Northern, Vice President of Share Financial Services at (501) 316-3100, by email at or by clicking the Get Started link on this web site if your Church would like to consider a Church Bond Program as an alternative to conventional financing. By simply answering the questions on the Get Started page, we can begin to assist you in the initial stages of launching your Church into a successful Church Bond Program. After receiving the completed form, we will review your Church information and send you the official Share Financial Services, Inc. Preliminary Information Form and begin assisting you and your Church with Share’s financial evaluation process.