Renovating Your Church Building

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Two Common Reasons to Renovate a Church Facility

Two common reasons for renovating a church facility are to meet the demands of a growing congregation and maintaining an aging building. When the furnishings, fixtures, floors, walls and windows begin to show signs of disrepair, or an increasing number of church members are to the point where the lack of useable space has become a problem, it can become necessary for the church to consider a renovation project. Increased lighting, sound, and added seating in the church sanctuary may temporarily correct some of the lacking small functional aspects of a church facility, but it usually takes a decision by the congregation to renovate the entire church facility to properly correct these issues. Many churches simply do not have room in their budget and experience with church construction, consequently those church congregations often delay making necessary facility improvements. By delaying the decision to make certain church facility improvements in many cases can leave those church congregations in the future with much larger construction and renovation expenses, and unpredictable outcomes. Many church leaders have been faced with having to make certain tough decisions later, simply because the church could not afford to maintain outdated church facilities.

So, where do we begin? 

What is often overlooked when beginning a church renovation or construction project is that many church members have differing and often conflicting opinions. Many times, church leadership and building committee members have found that starting this process can take several months and may lead to many sleepless nights. Those long hours in building committee meetings can certainly cause a lot of stress on those concerned, and have caused needless delays with the renovation project. One way of addressing this issue is by hiring an architect and contractor that has experience in church construction.

Because many churches have experienced these issues as they begin their renovation project, we hope that the next article, Five Considerations before Beginning a Renovation Project of a Church Facility will help your church avoid some of the problems we have discussed.