Church Loan Disbursement

Share Financial Services allows the Church to complete their construction project with minimal supervision. Share’s Church lending consultants can help make recommendations regarding Church Loan Disbursement reviews in order to help keep the Church construction project on track and possibly avoid construction cost overruns.

Under certain circumstances, Share may offer a Church a form of Bridge Financing which is both a permanent, long-term church bond issue used to retire a short-term construction loan or other form of interim financing. This type of Church Loan allows the Church to work with only one lender, and pay only one set of loan settlement costs and fees. However, there are also disadvantages to working with only one lender with this form of Bridge Financing, such as being unable to shop around for the best short-term interim financing. A Church should carefully weigh the benefits of Bridge Financing against the cost.

In many cases, a Church will engage the services of an Owner’s Representative, a construction management professional hired to protect the interests of the Church during the course of a construction project. A Church has many responsibilities during the construction process, from the design of the church facility which must meet the needs of Church members and staff, construction bids must be solicited, change orders must be analyzed and approved, the construction budget must be managed, as well as general management of the general contractor. Many Churches and Building Committees believe that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to working with a general contractor and the construction of their project, since construction is usually not a part of their daily lives. Many Churches will engage the services of an Owner’s Representative to assist the Church with the construction project.

Contact Martin Northern, Vice President of Share Financial Services, Inc. at (501) 316-3100, by email at or by clicking the Get Started link on this web site if your Church would like to consider a Church Bond program as an alternative to conventional financing. By simply answering the questions on the Get Started page, we can begin to assist you in the initial stages of launching your Church into a successful Church Bond program. After receiving the completed the form,  we will review your Church information and send you the official Share Financial Services, Inc. Preliminary Information Form and begin by assisting you and your Church with Share’s financial evaluation process.