Selecting an Architect

When a Church begins to plan a building project, the focus usually centers around two primary questions. The first questions is, “What type of building will our Church need?” The second question is usually, “How will our Church pay for the new building?” The first question is usually addressed by the architect, who can present the Church with alternatives in design which can complement the Church’s existing ministry and programs.


When selecting an architect, consider the following:

  • Select an architect that has designed Churches. An architect that has experience in designing Churches has valuable knowledge which other architects may lack.
  • Be certain that the architect addresses lighting, sound, heating, cooling and parking issues when designing the project.
  • If an architect has not worked in your city or county in the past, make certain that the architect investigates local planning regulations and requirements. Different geographic areas have various regulations and requirements and it is important that the architect takes the time to become familiar with those factors that could affect the project.
  • Make certain that the architect investigates and resolves issues such as traffic patterns, turning lanes, utility hook-up, and any other issues which could impact the neighborhood. Access to the property, such as driveways, must meet local ordinances.
  • Do not ask the architect to begin and incur costs until you have determined the Church’s borrowing capacity. Hopefully, this will prevent you from incurring costs for architectural plans that you may not be able to use.

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