Potential Church Financing Problems

Your Church could experience a number of potential church financing problems with your building project because you may be unaware of some of the following issues:

Consult with a qualified Church lender in order to determine your Church’s borrowing capacity prior hiring an architect and spending money on architectural plans. You would not want to spend money on drawings and find out that the project must be downsized.

Learn everything that you can about any zoning, environmental, or entitlement issues prior to entering into an agreement, or put money into escrow to purchase a new site.

Check your contractor’s references to see if the company has worked on projects of similar size and scope. Were there projects successful, or did they run into problems?

Make certain that all of the funds are available to complete the construction project prior to starting construction. Do not be dependent upon some future event such as the sale of your current facility or future capital stewardship campaign contributions to provide funds to complete the construction project.

Contact Martin Northern, Vice President of Share Financial Services, Inc. at (501) 316-3100, by email at mnorthern@sharefinancial.com or by clicking the Get Started link on this web site if your Church would like to consider a Church Bond program as an alternative to conventional financing. By simply answering the questions on the Get Started page, we can begin to assist you in the initial stages of launching your Church into a successful Church Bond program. After receiving the completed the form,  we will review your Church information and send you the official Share Financial Services, Inc. Preliminary Information Form and begin by assisting you and your Church with Share’s financial evaluation process.