Church Loan

Churches have capital needs requirements not unlike the United States Government, State and Local Governments, School Districts and Corporations. Since Churches are not a typical business organization, Church financing in most cases is arguably one of the most difficult commercial real estate loans to obtain. A Church loan usually requires a very specialized commercial real estate loan that is typically not widely available to most Churches.


While this list is by no means complete, many Church leaders have experienced a number of issues in securing financing for their Church, for reasons such as:

  • The Church is dependent upon voluntary contributions of its membership and attendees as its primary source of support and revenue.  Lenders realize that there is no assurance that membership, attendance, or per capita contributions will increase or remain stable. Even though a Church’s past financial performance has been good, lenders understand that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future operating results.
  • For the most part, Church properties are special purchase facilities for which there may be a very limited market. Lenders understand that there is no assurance that the Church’s property that serves as collateral for the Church Loan can be sold for the stated value.
  • The Church’s senior minister/pastor usually serves a significant role in the leadership, management, growth, and viability of the Church. Lenders are usually concerned about the possible impact upon the Church’s finances in the event of the senior minister/pastor’s resignation, termination, disability, or death and the possible adverse affect on the Church’s ability to repay the Church loan.

Founded in 1970, Share Financial Services, Inc. has successfully underwritten over 1150 Church and non-profit bond programs. Our seasoned Church financing team understands that no two Church loans are alike, and take time to listen to your vision, mission and objectives prior to exploring possible financing options that will best meet your ministry’s needs.

Contact Martin Northern, Vice President of Share Financial Services, Inc. at (501) 316-3100, by email at or by clicking the Get Started link on this web site if your Church would like to consider a Church Bond program as an alternative to conventional financing. By simply answering the questions on the Get Started page, we can begin to assist you in the initial stages of launching your Church into a successful Church Bond program. After receiving the completed the form,  we will review your Church information and send you the official Share Financial Services, Inc. Preliminary Information Form and begin by assisting you and your Church with Share’s financial evaluation process.